Welcome to Vantage V6

The Data Center Built for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

What is V6?

Vantage Data Centers' brand-new 9MW wholesale data center. Vantage V6 isn't just a new addition to Vantage's Santa Clara campus, it's one of the newest data center facilities in Silicon Valley, and offers unrivaled reliability, connectivity, service and support. Keep scrolling to learn more.

9MW Total Critical Load

V6's efficient design means that you'll always have the power you need and lower PUE.

Slab Floor Design

The slab design lets you choose the density that works for you. V6's modules can handle any design and densities up to 400W per square foot.

Over 32,200 square-feet of data center space

V6's spacious interior includes two 4.5MW data halls with all the amenities, services and workspace your team needs to grow and expand. If you need more space, you have Vantage's campus at your disposal.

Flexible Cooling Options

The V6 facility incorporates both water and outside-air economization so you can get the most out of the space by utilizing different cooling solutions

Connected and Convenient Location

This brand-new data center facility, located on our Santa Clara campus, is in the heart of Silicon Valley, with easy access to all major fiber routes and connection points, and just a short distance from your office so your teams always have access to the data center.

Operational Expertise

With V6 you're not just getting space, you're getting the expertise of Vantage's in-house operations team. Vantage’s expert team have years of experience optimizing the most efficient data centers—from maintenance to equipment management to security and more. They can offer advice and support to help you customize and grow your space to suit your needs.

100% Up-Time Guarantee

V6 uses full 2N redundancy to help prevent outages and ensure you’re online 24/7.

Want to See V6 for Yourself?

Take our virtual tour of the V6 facility, or come explore the region's newest and most customizable data center in person

A Brand-New Data Center

Right Where You Need It

For some applications, you just need to be close to your data center. If you operate in Silicon Valley, there's no better place to house your digital operation than Vantage V6 in Santa Clara. Santa Clara attracts data centers because it offers outstanding connectivity, the lowest energy costs and the highest power reliability in the region. But those other data centers don’t have what Vantage has, a brand new facility like Vantage V6 ready to handle high density environments. V6, the newest addition to the Santa Clara data center market, is ready to be customized to meet your needs today, tomorrow and beyond.

See a Video of V6 in Action

Find out what makes Vantage's new V6 facility the most efficient and flexible data center in Silicon Valley

Is Your Data Center Ready for High Density?

Data consumption is growing exponentially, and that means demand on IT resources is growing exponentially too. It may be time to consider a high-density-ready data center. A high-density-ready data center gives you the freedom to grow and expand to keep pace with growing demands on your IT infrastructure and future-proof your data center investment. Download our eBook to find out more about current trends and key considerations when moving into a high-density environment.

Greater efficiency from high-density design means maximizing investment
Lower power consumption-to-cooling ratio
Leverage more watts per square foot
The Whole Story on High-Density
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Why Vantage?

Flexible Design

We know our customers want different things and have different needs. That's why we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Every one of our facilities is built with customized delivery in mind. Because at Vantage, your space is your space.

24/7 Customer Support

We want to be partners in your success. From technical support to consultations, we're here when you need us.

Operational Excellence

We combine radical efficiency with industry-leading know-how to ensure your operation runs smoothly.

Close & Connected

Vantage's Santa Clara location means you're never far from your Silicon Valley offices, and you can take advantage of the lowest energy costs in the region.

Don't Miss Out

Vantage's brand-new V6 facility will be one of the most efficient, flexible data centers in the region. It will fill up quickly, so visit request a tour now and find out how we can work with you to customize your data center space to meet your needs.